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Moonlight's Values and Resident Expectations

The Moonlight Grid is an all inclusive grid open to EVERYONE regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation/identity, political leanings and any other difference out there.

Our only stipulation is DON'T do anything illegal or immoral on the greed and BE KIND to ALL of our residents!

IF a resident doesn't share your beliefs or leanings it is EASY to just say "Good Day" and TP to someplace else on the grid.

DON'T harass or push your values on another resident.


Why Moonlight Exists

This can sort of be considered Moonlight's "Mission Statement"

OK I have to add this in response to a comment I received in a private Discord message. Moonlight has NO intention of becoming a "commercial" grid. WE @Gwen (my Wife) and I have no desire to "earn a quick buck" with Moonlight. Moonlight's aim is to become a SAFE place for people to gather, interact, enjoy themselves, build and experiment WITHOUT having to bow down to the almighty dollar. YES, we will certainly accept donations to help us continue to thrive and survive. BUT THAT is NOT our main focus. We want our Grid Residents to come and enjoy themselves, make friends, have a safe place to build and create WITHOUT having t worry about making sales to meet the next month's land rent or having to learn to bring up their OWN grid because they cannot afford some "land baron's" need to make a profit. We joined SL nearly 20 years ago and enjoyed the friendships we made. When SL become too expensive to exist and we were constantly having to bow down to someone else's desire need to profit we took our creations to InWorldz, unfortunately IW suffered the same fate. So we struck out on our own. If you want to run a world/grid in order to profit and make a living, more power to you. Moonlight has NO ASPIRATIONS to become another SL or IW. We are going to remain small, friendly and a safe haven to those who share our sentiments and ideals of community, friendship and creativity!

Current Status

We are currently working on things behind the scenes and especially now that there has been renewed interest from the developers in bringing the Halcyon server code up to date with current viewer changes and SL compatibility.

Halcyon is NOT DEAD. In fact there are quite a few Halcyon based worlds out there, some of them quite populated too.

Unfortunately since there hasn't been any active code development to Halcyon since 2018 the changes made to Firestorm to keep compatible with SL has broken many features of Halcyon.

With the renewed interest hopefully a lot of these "bugs" will be addressed. A few of them are even being projected within the next month or so.

So, we are here, there is intelligent life on the grid and we will be publicly accessible in the future!

Moonlight Grid Introduction

Welcome to Moonlight Grid's newly designed website. We tried to keep things simple and straight forward for easy user navigation. There are a lot of new features to check out.

We want all our residents to feel free to come in and explore. We currently have 80 mainland sims (& growing) with lots of places to get anything you might need to start a new virtual life here. Oh, and plenty of waters to go sailing/boating.

Our grid is running the Halcyon code. The very same code that brought you InWorldz. A 3D virtual world simulator, Halcyon was originally based on the OpenSimulator project but was forked in 2010 to provide a stable platform for everyday use under high load. The IW team concentrated on performance and stability to provide a strong, stable base.

We do plan on having a working economy in the future. As of when that might be it is still undetermined. We are still in our very early infant stage of the grid and our coding/software. Updates are happening on a daily basis right now and will continue to be that way for some time to come. All uploads will always remain free!

There are a lot of features that we would like to implement on both the grid and the website, so make sure to watch for all the new and exciting things to come!

We are currently a 2 person team working on bringing this grid to life. One on coding and one on design. We are open to bringing in more volunteers. We are also currently seeking volunteers for mentoring! People who are familiar with virtual life willing to help new residents get started. Contact us via email at staff@moonlight-grid.com

You can also join us on our Discord Channel. Don't have Discord, get it here.
*Feature Fix

We've updated the website code and some of the ini files and regained some features.

Moonie (M$) sales are currently suspended. PayPal made major breaking changes in their API that makes it nearly impossible to calculate sales because they break it down PER country and PER currency. Trying to keep a fee schedule for EVERY possible country or currency used on the grid is an impossible task!
Land Sales work again. Jupiter will be setting up parcels that can be purchased and rental boxes to handle the weekly rents. Of course the exact pricing and payment is also dependent on Moonie Sales which is currently broken by PayPal. We'll figure something out to handle stipends, rents and sales, IF, we decide to go that direction.

It's a big project so please allow her time to set it all up. We will update when all the land is ready. If you would like something before then just send us an IM and Jupiter will get in touch asap.

Offline messages are back! Yay, no more missed conversations and notices.

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